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Replace the workplace kettle and save time waiting for it to boil with a plumbed in, mains-fed drinking water boiler. With one of our workplace water boilers, your staff will have hot water on tap – literally. If you want to discover more about our South East drinking water boiler service, read on.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

No longer will everyone congregate in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, now they can get up from their desk or work station, walk to the tap and make themselves a cup of coffee or tea, just like that. It couldn’t be easier and saves so much time. Imagine how much time it takes to boil a kettle – the average is around 4 minutes. If your staff are making 4-5 hot drinks a day, that’s over an hour a week spent waiting for the kettle to boil. By installing a boiling drinking water tap, you will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Instant Hot Water

Plumbed-in Drinking Water Boilers provide instant, filtered, boiling water direct from your mains water supply and are a cost effective and far more efficient alternative to using kettles in the workplace. Our water boilers are perfect for office environments or other commercial concerns such as call centres, retail outlets, factories premises, school or college staff rooms and more.

Call us to Book a Site Survey

All you need to do, to start the process is book a free, no obligation site survey. One of our fully trained, experienced engineers will arrange a visit to confirm that we can install your drinking water boiler for you. We don’t lock you into any long term contracts and included in the cost of your agreement with us is twice yearly call outs for servicing. This includes filter changes. We will also come out to you as required throughout the term of your agreement.

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Water boiler systems

Benefits of water boiler dispensers

Time saving

While it’s good to get away from the desk for a while, waiting for the kettle to boil can lead to a lot of lost minutes during the day. An instant water boiler ensures there is tea and coffee-ready water available immediately, so the workplace remains efficient and on-the-go right throughout the day.

Improved safety

Accidents can happen at work and that’s why our instant water boilers come with safety locks to keep staff as safe as possible. It helps avoid the need for hot water to boiled, which lowers the chances of burns and scolds occurring.

Money saving

As a direct boiler company we understand the need to offer cost efficient products. Compared to a kettle, our water boilers are able to keep a large tank of water at the perfect temperature for longer, saving you money. Less water will be wasted too, lowering our carbon footprint to help the environment.

Greater supply

A kettle is only able to supply a limited amount of water, but a hot water boiler from Kings Watercoolers enables you to store anywhere from 4-27 litres. Using a kitchen water boiler increases capacity so more people can quickly pour the water they need, which is particularly useful in the morning or lunch time periods.

Stylish designs

While some of the older hot water dispenser models look old and outdated, Kings Watercoolers offer sleek, modern designs that fit into all types of work environments. Choose the instant boiling water machine with the right sort of capacity for your staff and it will look perfect in any kitchen area, no matter how large or small.

How to choose the best instant hot water kettle

Consider these four important factors when it comes to buying the best water boiler for your business:


When you’re buying a hot water maker for tea, coffee and other hot drinks, the first thing to consider is size. At Kings Watercoolers we offer both under sink instant water bottle kettle systems like the Eazytap (ideal for smaller offices), or larger capacity countertop boilers like the 1000 and 1200C.


Your electric water boiler will need to be able to provide the water you need for most of the local users in go. The Eazytap is a small water boiler that stores 4 litres and also comes with a chilled water option. The 1200C produces 16 litres of water per hour, while the 1000C delivers a mightily impressive 27 litres.


Budget will play a big part in your decision making which is why we ensure our hot water boilers deliver value for money. No matter what hot water device you choose we do everything possible to offer a rate that helps you make the most of your budget and supports the needs of your office.


All our instant hot water boiler systems are mains fed which reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum. Use the drinks water heater as much as you need and it only requires the occasional wipe down to keep it looking and working in great condition. Our commercial water boiler packages all come with yearly maintenance services included as standard.

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