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Water Boiler vs Kettle

Did you know a hot water boiler could save you time and money?

In fact, you might be surprised at just how much a workplace water boiler can improve productivity in your business.

How Long Does it Take to Boil the Kettle?

Consider how long it takes the kettle in your staff room or office kitchen to boil. Sometimes, and especially when in a hurry, it can seem to take forever. Well, in actual fact, a kettle can take up to 4 minutes to boils.

Saving Hours with a Water Boiler

Let’s imagine for a minute that you have 20 employees in your office and we group them into 5 groups of 4 with one person making a hot drink for all 4. That’s 4 minutes to boil the kettle for one team of 4 to have one cup of tea. Then the other 4 groups of 4 also make a drink – 20 minutes collectively for one cup of tea. They have one first thing, then one mid-morning, one before lunch and one after lunch. Total – 4 cups of tea – 1 hour 20 spent boiling the kettle per day. You get the idea.

No More Waiting for the Kettle to Boil

Now imagine, they could walk straight up to a hot water boiler and pour those 4 cups of tea or coffee instantly. Saving 1 hour 20 minutes per day. No brainer, right? Not only is this going to save you time, it’s also really convenient. How long have you spent waiting for a meeting to start on time while everyone waits for their cuppa? With instant boiling water, your meetings can start on time!

If this like sounds something that would benefit your workplace then get in touch to see how easy it is to arrange the installation of a hot water boiler for business.