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Freestanding Water Coolers

Our freestanding water coolers for business are mains-fed and offer the perfect solution for offices, schools, waiting areas and other commercial premises where a constant supply of fresh drinking water is required. But why choose a freestanding mains-fed option as opposed to a bottled water cooler?

Why Choose a Mains Fed, Freestanding Water Cooler?

The answer is simple, the bottled option has many drawbacks. Not only do you have to keep replacing the water bottle when it runs out which involves heavy lifting, you also have to have room to store the new bottles. In addition to this, the water has a shelf life when kept in a bottle so if you don’t use it, you will end up with wastage. Choosing a mains-fed South East freestanding water cooler for business means that you are also reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on pollution.

While a countertop water dispenser is one option that we provide, this is more suited to smaller business that perhaps don’t have as much space as larger organisations. A freestanding water dispenser for larger businesses is the ideal solution for waiting areas and communal areas where a larger number of employees or visitors require regular drinking water. As long as you have access to the mains water and an electric point, you are well placed for this option.

Freestanding Water Coolers South East

We have installed, and maintain, several freestanding water coolers across the counties of Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and the boroughs of West and Central London where businesses require a constant supply of fresh drinking water in the workplace. We can install the coolers quickly and efficiently and our maintenance and service agreements means we offer everything you need to keep them in good working order.

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