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Counter top water coolers

Smaller in size and shorter than a freestanding water cooler, a counter top water cooler for the workplace might be just what you need. If you are short on space, operate in a smaller working environment or don’t have many employees or visitors, why not choose a mains-fed South East counter top office water cooler?

Choosing a Counter Top Water Cooler

There are many reasons to choose an office water cooler that is mains fed rather than a bottled water option, especially if you have a smaller number of staff. For a start, the bottled water has an expiry date so if you happen to order too much and it doesn’t get used, you are going to encounter some wastage, not to mention how environmentally unfriendly bottled water coolers are.

Space Saving and Economical

Choosing a countertop version is space saving which means you can store it safely and within easy reach on a worktop either in the office area or in the kitchen. As long as you have a mains water supply and an electric point, you are good to go.

Offices and Retail Premises

From offices and smaller retail outlets to small surgeries, health premises, beauty and hairdressing salons, we offer countertop water coolers across the South East regions that are perfect to service the smaller business who want to supply fresh, filtered water to their staff and customers. You can choose from a range of shapes and sizes to suit the environment.

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South East businesses that are interested in a countertop water cooler for business will benefit from a FREE, no obligation site survey. It’s easy to install one of our water coolers with service and maintenance packages to accompany your agreement. You are not tied in to lengthy contracts and the fact that we cover the South East counties of Herts, Bucks, Hants, Berks, Surrey and London mean that we are never too far away to pay a site visit.

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