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Counter Top Water Boilers

For instant hot water on demand, a plumbed-in workplace counter top water boiler is the perfect solution. For South East offices, retail outlets, waiting rooms and other commercial premises, it can actually be a cost saving exercise that increases productivity. Forget the kettle and waiting around for it to boil and get your cup of coffee or tea when you want it.

Increase Productivity

For the South East business that wants to improve the productivity of their team, not only will hot water on demand make for a much easier life for employees and visitors, it will also save time on making hot drinks from the host that has to make drinks for the visitor to the employee who is leaving their workstation to make several cups of tea a day. Simply have one installed in your kitchen area and get rid of the kettle. It actually won’t take up much more space than your current kettle.

Boiling Water on Demand

Boiling water on demand is so easy to achieve with one of our counter top water boilers. It’s easy to arrange too. For businesses in the South East including the counties of Herts, Bucks, Hants, Surrey, Berks and the Boroughs of London, we are never too far away to arrange a regular service or arrange a necessary call out.

Free Site Survey

In the first instance, our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers will visit your site, carry out a survey to ensure there is access to the water mains and electricity and tell you if they can achieve what you are looking for. They will then arrange a time to install your counter top water boiler.

We don’t tie you into long term contracts and we offer regular servicing, water filter changes and call outs as necessary. Just get in touch today and discover how easy it is to arrange boiling water on tap in your workplace.

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