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Water Coolers for Factories

Factory workers tend to carry out more physical workers than their office counterparts and can often be working in warm or hot environments.

It’s not uncommon for sweat output to exceed the amount of water being taken on board.

This can lead to dehydration causing all kinds of issues from tiredness and lethargy to headaches. Let’s talk about how factory water coolers can help with staff efficiency and productivity.

Duty of Care to Staff

As employers you have a duty of care to your staff to ensure that their wellbeing is a priority at all times. It’s not only in their interests but yours too. Staff that aren’t properly looked after in the workplace will be less motivated and more prone to illness. It’s also critical that those that are operating heavy or dangerous machinery are alert and able to function and focus. A simple thing like providing adequate drinking water can make an extreme difference to health and safety.

Install Factory Water Coolers in Communal Areas

Of course, there are some environments where hygiene requirements and protective clothing prevent food or drink being consumed at workstations and in the general vicinity.

This is why providing factory workers with drinking water and regular breaks in which to consume it is key. Providing mains-fed drinking water coolers in factory communal areas and break rooms is essential and can really improve the wellbeing of the workforce.

It’s such a simple solution but ensure that everyone has access to clean and fresh drinking water at all times whether on a day or night shift.

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