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If you are looking for a constant supply of chilled, filtered drinking water then look no further.

Our counter top and free-standing water coolers and plumbed into your mains water supply giving you fresh, filtered water on tap, literally!

Cost Effective and Kind to the Planet

Bottled water coolers, in addition to being a far less eco-friendly option, mean you have the inconvenience of buying, lifting and storing the expensive water bottles. Choosing a mains water supply means you are being kinder to the planet, while being more cost efficient and offering a constant source of freshly chilled, filtered water in your workplace.

These mains-fed water coolers in the workplace are great for commercial concerns large and small. Whether it be offices, schools, hospitals, call centres, factories or retail outlets, our South East water cooler solutions provide the ideal solution.

Free, No Obligation Site Survey

To begin with, we offer all our customers a FREE, no obligation site survey where one of our fully trained engineers will assess your site and confirm if we can install a water cooler in your workplace. The good news is a quick and easy process taking around 30 minutes to install (as long as mains water and electric are close to where you want your cooler).

Local, Personal Service

Being a local South East water cooler company means that we can provide personal service to our commercial clients across the counties of Hertfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and West London and that we are never too far away. With no long-term contracts and bi-annual service visits, you can rely on us for an efficient and personal service for your business.

What are the benefits of a water cooler?

Whether it’s a watercooler in an office, hospital, school, film set or anywhere else, they offer a number of important benefits for
everyone to enjoy.

Water coolers offer delicious drinking water

A commercial water cooler ensures everyone working nearby has access to chilled drinking water whenever they need. It’s the sort of basic necessity that will keep staff content during the day and maintain efficient productivity. Office water dispensers do not take up much room and can be quickly installed to minimise disruption.

A watercooler dispenser is low maintenance

When you buy a water cooler you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance. Water cooler companies are usually responsible for its upkeep, so if you require any repairs or maintenance all you have to do is get in touch. Aside from occasional replacements and sanitation requirements, you can leave it to get on with keeping your staff hydrated.

Office water coolers improve efficiency for your home and business

Whether you invest in a mains fed water cooler instead of a bottled water cooler, it ensures a cost effective option for a variety of work environments. They are particularly helpful feature for smaller businesses working on a limited budget, being cheaper than paying for replacements and refills for bottled systems, keeping your expenditure under control.

They are more environmentally friendly than bottled systems

It’s more important than ever for your company to project a green image and mains-fed office watercoolers ensure you can do just that. If you are using a mains fed unit you won’t have to worry about replacement bottles, removing the need for any plastic and cardboard to be recycled.

Water coolers ensure convenience

The variety of styles and models available ensure there is a watercooler unit for every environment. From water coolers for offices or for the home, you’ll find it easy to choose the right one to suit your needs. An electric water cooler is easy to install maintain and offers long-term value to your business.everyone to enjoy.

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