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Water Coolers for Retail

Requiring between 2-3 litres of water a day, the human body, made up of 60% water, is prone to dehydration.

When you are operating a business, dehydration in your retail employees, can cause issues which will in turn lead to a reduction in productivity.

We take a look at how water coolers for retail businesses can have a positive impact on your operations.

Healthy, Productive Staff

Without sufficient water, our bodies can quickly dehydrate. This brings with it a whole host of problems from fatigue and drowsiness to headaches and worse. For busy retail staff that find themselves on their feet all day, the level of activity, often in air conditioned environments means they can quickly lose water.

Water Coolers for Retail

Being able to replace lost fluids is vital and therefore a water cooler for your retail business can be the ultimate solution. We aren’t talking about bottled water coolers.

As a business, Kings Water Coolers are keen to reduce our impact on the environment so all of our South East water cooler solutions come without the pollution and are mains-fed. This not only cuts down on plastic but also miles spent delivering and collecting bottles.

Mains-Fed Water Solutions

A retail water cooler can be installed near to a mains water supply and used to not only keep your staff hydrated but to offer refreshments to your clients/visitors too. It’s easy to install and maintain and is the most effective and efficient solution to offering fresh drinking water in your retail premises.

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