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Water Fountains

A popular choice with schools, colleges, gyms and leisure centres, a cold, fresh water drinking fountain is a popular choice where you need to supply relatively high volumes of fresh, cold drinking water. Many people will use a drinking fountain, not only to drink straight from, but also to fill water bottles and other dispensers at regular intervals throughout the day.

Mains-Fed Drinking Fountains

Installed as either a wall mounted solution or freestanding, a mains-fed drinking water fountain in the workplace or organisation, provides fresh water on tap without the need to supply water cups or encounter the wastage of large plastic bottles to supply the water. Being plumbed directly into the mains means that you never need to replace the water source, just change the filters every so often which is all part of our service.

Providing Commercial Drinking Fountains

At Kings Water Coolers, we provide drinking water fountains for business across the South East including the counties of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and the boroughs of West and Central London. We work with several commercial organisations to supply drinking fountains where an ample supply of water is required.

Regular Water Consumption

As adults and children should be consuming plenty of water throughout the day, it’s a necessary requirement for businesses to supply them with easy to access and great tasting water that is OK to drink. Unlike sourcing it from bathroom taps, a filtered solution is far more suitable! For children, young people and the health conscience that are partaking in exercise, access to water is imperative. Frequent water intake will lead to healthier, more productive staff and children so it’s a win, win!

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